In preparation for a successful engagement shoot

What should we wear to our engagement session ?


In terms of wardrobe, well, nothing is in black and white when it comes to this.. but generally I'd suggest to go for some nice neutral solid colors that aren't too bright or have any crazy patterns that would be too distracting in the photo. Please don't wear matching outfits :) (ie: both in blue jeans and a white top) unless you want to look like you just dropped out of a JC Penny's Christmas card. But really, you should just aim something that you feel comfortable in, that is “you” and has been worn in somewhat. Clothing that is nicely fitted and not too slacky seems to look best. Wearing all white or all black ensembles is probably not a good idea as it will play tricks on my camera and may not blend in too well with the surroundings.

Finally, have the looks match somewhat.. basically, let's not have one wear a suit and the other look like they are going on a hike sorta thing... have the looks be cohesive. Have the look sorta fit in with the environment and feel of the shoot. And if you're still in doubt, feel free to send us an email or text with pictures.


Bring two options if you'd like..  anything more than two options would probably be overkill and disrupt the flow of the shoot.

Following are some wardrobes from actual engagements that we thought worked well