Juniper & Ivy Engagement Shoot MUST HAVE shots

1. walking

Super easy one and one you can start the session with. You can say something like "let's warm you up the the camera with a simple walk" or something like this to ease their nerves. Tell em to look anywhere except the camera when walking and keep up a nice smile. Easy. Have them do it twice at least.

Remember to zoom in (not walking super close to them when zoomed out, but to actually zoom your lens in from a distance) while they are walking for some of the pictures. This blurs the background really nicely. 

Saying something like "you guys are naturals!" might put a natural smile on their faces (like the one here).

Lastly, PLEASE look at your images to make sure you are capturing focus on these walking ones. Otherwise they are useless..

2. face to face

Again, super simple. Just as them to stand really close, have hands around each other's waist and tilt their heads in so they touch while they both look at the camera. (remember this only looks right if they are standing so close that their bodies are touching too!)

This is good one to take in vertical (portrait) composition too. And note from this picture that we made a mistake and that it looks better if his arms are coming over hers (not her over his like in this picture :) )

Please be sure to come back with these pictures from every engagement shoot. It is a good simple poseflow that will keep the session moving, interactive and keep you from guessing and/or creating uncomfortable periods of silence.  It will also help us keep the aesthetic and product nice and consistent for the client.

Be sure to get ALL 7 of these poses. This should take up most of the hour, which will also help avoid awkward silences or you looking flustered. EVEN IF YOU JUST came away with lots of pictures from only these 7 poses from the hour long engagement shoot, we would be happy!  Otherwise, once you have done these six, feel free to experiement with a few of your own! Lastly, shoot a lot. You should shoot an average of around 500 pictures from an hour long engagement shoot.

3. head kiss (?)

Wasn't sure what to call this one but it is one that all of our couples have liked and is easy to transition to from number 2 above. Just aske her to continue to look in the direction of the camera or look off camera but keep her face directed toward camera and tell HIM to kiss the side of her head without puckering up his lips (this is important). Puckered up lips in pictures don't look very flattering.  Alternatively you can ask him to "smell her hair" and this will also get them to laugh or smile naturally. You can follow up with "what does it smell like?"

Be sure to zoom in close AND zoom out for some of these.

4. prom date

Did you go to the Prom in high school? Well if you did the photographer probably put you in this pose. Super duper simple, guy stands behind girl and holds her. Ask him to peek out to one side (basically standing more to one side than the other so his face isn't hiding behind her head) and have them look at the camera for a couple and off camera for a few. You can even joke and tell them it is like the prom pose to get a natural candid smile or chuckle. 

You can also really zoom in from the prom pose to get some nice close ups. For example, ask the guy to sing the first song that comes to mind in her ear and zoom in and snap away while she smiles or laughs. The focus should land on her eyes.

5. seated

Simply start by asking the clients to sit close and comfy but in a way so that their faces are close to each other. They usually sit something similar to this and that's fine. Ask them to both look off in the distance, then at each other etc.. for a variety of pictures. 

Really zooming out on the seated ones is nice too. 

6. forehead kiss

Probably the easiest one. Just ask them to stand CLOSE (their bodies MUST be touching or it will look like she is trying to HEAD BUTT him), and ask him to give her a soft kiss on the forehead withouth puckering up!

Take some zoomed out like the picture on the left and a few zoomed in close like the one on the right. Thanks! Remember to tell him not to pucker up lips too much.


Not a MUST have, but most clients have liked and printed this one. Note : it typically does not look great if the clients are overweight. 

Otherwise just spread out a blanket or it even looks great on dry grass! As him to lay one direction and her to come in the other direction and use each other's shoulders as a pillow.  Use your wide lens (like a 24-70) zoomed out and hover your hand over them and just click away. This one takes some practice, but looks good when you nail it!

THANK YOU, we can't wait to see your work!

** TIP:  If she is as tall or taller than him, simply ask her to stand with her feel really wide and for him to stand up nice and straight. Just explain that you are cropping up from the waist anyway.

Looks good when shot from behind too (see below)

7. ring shot

Grab a quick ring shot. Please consider one of these three tasteul examples.