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Juniper & Ivy Photography is a collaboration of three friends/photographers that share the same philosophy and aesthetic for visual story telling. We have been collaborating together for about seven years and are excited to have teamed up. This means our clients enjoy the same professional approach to their event whether they work with Daniel, Simone or Stephen. 


Took up photography at a very young age and loved how it helps to connect people and tell stories. Pursued it more seriously in his mid 20s and worked across a number of genres including architecture, editorial and weddings + other events.

Other hobbies include kayaking, soccer and cooking.



Always had an appreciation for photography and enjoyed shooting landscapes while traveling extensively. His photography has become much more people centric in the last ten years and shooting weddings has really helped him hone his technical skills. 

Enjoys travel, surfing and spending time with his wife and two children.



With a great natural eye for composition and story telling through both photo and video, Stephen is great at capturing stories in a way that is organic, vivid and candid. Splits his time between commercial projects and shooting wedding/events.

His personal time is spent traveling, playing music, riding motorcycles and spending time with his family.